Mostly tropical fish

Taking pictures of tropical fish is a challenge.  I read that some photographers tranquilize them and place them between two sheets of glass.  That sounds cruel to me.  With a little patience, one can capture their image without hurting them.  I balanced a flash on top of the aquarium and used +filters.  Of course that means that there is practically no depth of field, so you have to wait until the fish is in just the right place. 

Red  and blue betta The double image is due to the reflection from the back glass. 


Yellow betta


Fancy Swordtail







Plecostomus and friend.  The quality of the picture is not good, but this fish deserves recognition.  She was very old in this picture.  This plecostomus lived over 10 years and survived jumping out and injuring her dorsal and tail fins and later swim bladder problems.  I found her floating upside down with her belly puffed out and thought she was dead, but she just had a swim bladder problem.  She is the first fish I ever had survive that condition.  She lived another year after that and her earlier injuries from the big jump fully healed but took a year a or two to do so.  I have no idea if it was really male or female, but I chose to call it a she. 


   Pleco hanging out



Trail  in a park up north.  I can't remember which one though. 

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