Friends of Black Forest German Shepherds   

Note: Black Forest Quiet Riot went to the Rainbow Bridge in Sept 23 2009. 

Xena visits her brother Riot

Xena and Riot, and Gabby of course, will be 8 years old in August 2008.  Xena visited her brother, whom she hasn't seen in a few years.  

Xena visited her litter brother Riot July 3 2008.

She said no way was she putting her ears up.





I said NO


Xena, "Did I hear you say HE is pretty???"


Riot, "Do I have to put up with Her???"


Ears should be up like this Sis.


I know how to put my ears up.  I just choose not to.
  Ok Sis I can do that too.

Good, that will teach mom for putting us in the hot sun. 


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